In the land of lazy

versiune audio: Autor: Cristina

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Once upon a time, somewhere in the world, there was a small country named “the land of lazy”. There, nobody did anything and wasn’t supposed to do anything. Like EVER. Nobody worked, children didn’t go to school and all the animals just sat with their bellies in the sun.

Parents didn’t care at all about what their children were doing. So the little ones ate when they wanted, did  everything they wanted and went to bed late at night. They never cleaned their rooms and washed themselves rarely. Because they were lazy.

The people living in the land of lazy weren’t that smart either. They were to lazy to study and anyways they didn’t have any  books to study from because nobody made the effort to print them. So nobody ever used their brains; they were too lazy to even think.

But the laziest and most stupid of them all was, nobody else that the Emperor. He was called Long Hand because he was so lazy that he never moved his hands. And because of that, his hand became so long that they almost touched the ground.  As an Emperor he had passed a single law: nobody was ever allowed to make any law in the land of lazy. People were very happy with his decision, believing that doing nothing was the key to happiness. But it wasn’t like that.  Let me tell you why.

There were no shops because there were no venders and anyways they wouldn’t have anything to sell because nobody made anything so there were no products to put in the shops.  So everybody ate forest fruits and fish from the river, drank water from the springs and wore some rags as clothes.  They lived in caves and at night they slept on grassjackets. There were no toys in that land, not to mention stories of cartoons. Who would make them if nobody worked.

People were thin, hungry, bored and dirty. When one of them had a problem, he would go to the Emperor for help. The Emperor was so bored that he would yawn and then shrug off. He was to lazy to even care. The man then left and went back to his cave, even more upset and with his problem still pressing on his shoulders.

People were so stupid that they didn’t even realize  how unhappy they were.

One day, the Emperor got sick. Because there were no doctors in the land, nobody knew how to help him. So the Emperor ordered that someone must find him a doctor or a  medicine. For the first time in a long time he cared about someone …himself!

But now, the wheel had turned and it was the people who didn’t care about him. Moreover, nobody had ever left the land, so why would they do that now? The Emperor then ordered them to cast the dice and choose the one who had to do it; so it was decided that a 10 years old boy had to leave and come back with the cure. He didn’t want to do that either, but he had no choice. With a sight, he packed some fruits to have for the road and left in search of the cure for the Emperor.

Many many days passed and the boy finally managed to leave the land of the lazy. The road was not a long one, but the child was so lazy, that he stopped every 5 minutes because he felt too tired. But once he crossed the border of the land he faced a big surprise – a road paved with white stones took him to a town, the boy never thought he would see: colorful houses, properly set one next to the other. And every house had a beautiful garden. The town had shops of all kinds, schools, hospitals, restaurants and playgrounds. People on the street walked very fast, were dressed neatly and the children played happily with all kinds of colorful toys.

The moment he sat foot in that town, the boy knew that he wanted to live there. He didn’t feel tired and lazy anymore, not to mention any sadness. Just the enormous wish to stay in such a wonderful place.

A couple of good hearted people saw him, so thin and so poorly dressed so they took him to their home, washed him, fed him a hot soup and then put him to bed in the softest, fluffiest bed. And before falling asleep, they even told him a story. The first he had heard in his whole life.

That night the little boy slept better than ever and he woke up full of joy and strenght. He was very happy to hear that the nice people wanted to send him to a place called “school”, where he would learn a lot of things.  At school, not only did he learn a lot of new interesting things, but he also made a friend. After school, the little boy went back to the nice people who were now his family.  Days passed by rapidly and the little boy was so happy that he totally forgot about the Emperor’s medicine. But he had started to miss his real parents.

Meanwhile, in the land of lazy, everybody was waiting for the little boy. The Emperor was feeling worse each day. But since the boy didn’t come back fast, the people started to forget about him. Not his partents, who really really missed him, even if they didn’t care about anything else.  In the end, they decided to make an effort and to start looking for the little boy. When the Emperor found out that they were about to leave the land, he asked them to return with the medicine.

When the parents found their little boy, they hardly recognized him. He was clean, and pretty, happy and healthy, he had learned to write, read, sing and dance. They hugged him and decided to never ever let him go, even if that meant that they had to start working. So they moved to the town and forgot about the Emperor’s medicine as well.

But the Emperor was getting sicker every day. The other people didn’t really care about him, but they were very curious to find out what had happened to the little boy and to his parents, who had left the land and didn’t come back. It was like they had just waken up from a long, long sleep: “Where could they be? Why aren’t they coming back?” they were wondering.

The curiosity started to beat the laziness and one by one they started to leave the land in search for the missing family. And  as they arrived to the town, one by one decided to stay there and start a new life, a better life.

After a while, there was nobody else left living in the land of lazy. Just the Emperor, who was left all by himself. Surprisingly, he never though about going in search of the others, or of a doctor at least. It seemed that his laziness would become his and, and that nobody would even remember him. But, guess what…someone did remember him! Yes, the little boy himself, the one who left the land the first, looking for the medicine. He had become one of the smartest children on the town, and was very friendly, kind to everybody. He was always there to help anybody who needed his help. The little boy found the medicine and went back to the land of lazy to take it to the Emperor.

He entered into the palace. It was empty. He went to the throne room and found the emperor there, sitting on the throne. He was still, with his eyes almost shut, hardly breathing. The little boy gave him the medicine.  The Emperor raised his eyes and looked at the boy wondering: what is happening? What is that boy giving me? The Emperor couldn’t understand what was happening and that the little boy really cared about him.

But the child’s kindness kind of woke him up from a sleep as well. He hardly raised his hand and patted the little boy saying:

– Thank you!

And that is how the little boy’s kindness saved the Emperor’s life.

And what happened next? After he was cured, the Emperoro also moved to the town. Here, he was not the Emperor anymore, but a simple, happy and healthy man.



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